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Peru La Florida

Peru La Florida

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Organic - Fair Trade - Rainforest Alliance Certified

Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, Toasted Almond, Lemon

Recommended Roast Level:  Full City (Medium)

Region  La Florida, Cajamarca, Peru 
Cultivar Bourbon, Caturra
Processing Fully washed / Patio Dried
Elevation  1220 to 1524 m

Organic and Fair Trade Certified, the Peru La Florida has a smooth creamy mouthfeel with savory sweetness of chocolate, toasted almond, and lemon!  You will smell the sweet toasted almond and chocolate rise from your cup before you take that first sip- It’s incredible! It’s quite possible that you might find yourself enjoying the aroma so much, you’ll have to remind yourself to take that first sip!

The Full City roast level is recommended to embrace and experience the truest flavors of this single origin bean. If you prefer a bit more of the roast in your cup, a slightly darker Viennese roast level will do the job!

You can’t go wrong with such deliciousness!

Peru La Florida Cooperative started in 1965 with 100 small-scale farms, and has grown to over 2,000 farms today! The La Florida Cooperative has established “The Occupational Learning Center for Sustainable Agriculture” providing training for environmentally-friendly farming techniques throughout the area, and to top it off, Peru La Florida placed in Peru’s National Quality Competition!  Simply another example of coffee with integrity!

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